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Do you want to sell?

Useful advices for selling your home properly:

The recipe for success is always the same one: Offer customers what they are looking for.

Customer Preferences:

-Location: Good area, preferably near the beach or shopping malls, golf courses etc  

-Guidance: South, east, west, north (in that order).

-Quality: New, Pre-owned or Reformed, if the house is old, customers from other countries, most of them are very afraid to get involved with reforms as they're usually not here to control how the work is done, therefore, if your home does not meet the best conditions, as well as having sales potential, the solution is usually set a price attractive enough for potential buyers.

-Price:   Attractive price (slightly below the market price), depending on the need of sale.

The house must have good presentation: If it is an old house, without reform with plenty of old and shabby furniture, will drop its value certainly)

Home Staging (home staging) are specialists in the field, therefore have a look to take some ideas, http://www.luminahomestaging.es/galeria/

Be flexible whenever you try to close a deal: Always is good to make a discount, however small it may be.

Good adverts: Modern Website, with good photos, which looks good especially in countries where potential customers are.

To choose a good sales agent: Able to work with other real estate agencies in your country as well as abroad  (Nordic, Russian, etc.) so your home will get the best possible chance of selling, without getting worried to share  their fees with other agencies , in order to achieve satisfactory results for all owners, customers as well as partners.